The project started producing milk in November 2008 and broke even in March 2009.

This is a 700 cow dairy operation, which was started in 2008, utilising previously unused land belonging to 65 beneficiaries in the Middledrift area, which is twenty kilometres from Fort Hare. This is a joint venture between the community, Amadlelo Agri and National Empowerment Fund. The community provided land and labour while National Empowerment Fund provided R 9.5m in loan funding and Amadlelo provided R 8.2m capital and technical expertise.

There are 700 cows on a 165 hectare farm which produced 3 – 3.5m litres of milk per year. A partnership has been developed with Coega Dairy, who buys all the milk.

Thus far, 16 permanent workers from the community are employed by the farm.
This makes a huge impact both on their lives, and the lives of their dependants. It also assists the entire community, by encouraging others to establish large-scale farming initiatives.